About Us

Vince Music Art Studio is a leading children music and art education destination. Here at VMAS, we believe in the power of imagination. The simple truth is that young children are born with the most wonderful urge to grow and learn! And, we want to explore the realms of these creative minds by bringing their imaginative world to life through both Music and Art.

We believe children learn best in a supportive, loving and stress-free environment. We strive for an informal and homely-setting, where our students are encouraged to reach their personal best.

How We Teach Art

How We Teach Art

In our art workshops, we focus on:

  • Creative Thinking skills
  • Self-expression
  • Analytical Studies
  • Art skills
  • Artist’s impression
  • Fine and Cognitive motor skills (for younger children)
What We Teach With

What We Teach With

Every child has an innate ability to be creative and think beyond what we, as adults, can ever imagine. Our story telling art is designed to harness this strength to push these children well and beyond the walls of their brains, to stretch their ideas and challenge them to put these ideas into reality.

As we tell stories to the children, we create a framework for them to work on. We use these stories to challenge the limits of their imaginations, and encourage them to push forward to  depict them visually. Our teachers will work with them to encourage and critically test their ideas, to guide and teach them Art Techniques along the way.